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Successful Love Marriage

In everyone’s life there comes a time, when we fall in love with someone very special. As time passes, attachment and understanding increases, we all look for a better future and expects at its best that love of my life may turn into a happy & successful marriage.

In reality, 90% people are facing issues regarding love & relationships. Only some of them gets positive results and their love turns into marriage without any hinderance and obstacles. Rest people’s love & relationship ends up just as a dream. So, we will try to understand, what are the special combination in one’s astrological chart that will decide – Either one’ love relation is going to turn into marriage or not. Further if it turns into marriage, it will become a successful marriage or not ?

Now, we will look for the factors that decide love & marriage-

The main planet for love is venus and then comes Saturn as it gets exalted in libra sign. Rahu is also important as rahu is exactly same as venus and then mars and moon also have impact on relations.

The house of love is 5th house and house of marriage is 7th house.

The sign which is favourable for love marriage is libra, taurus, cancer, scorpio, gemini and pisces.

The house which are favourable for love marriage is 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 9th,3rd and 1st house.

Here, after doing a lot of research on astrological charts of many people over many years, we are presenting some conclusions which are favourable for turning one’s love into a  successful & happy marriage.

Venus  should be strong, capable for love affair. The energy of venus also increases when it has any relation with rahu & mars. Moon also increases venus effects. When moon makes relation with venus, Moon makes the person emotional and his hankering for a loving relationship increases.

  • The relation between 5th house lord and 7th house lord increases the chance of love marriage.
  • The relation between 11th house and 5th house lord also increases the chance of love marriage.
  • The relation between 5th house lord and 1st house lord also increases chances of love marriage too.
  • The 7th house lord and 1st house lord in conjunction with good 5th house lord and strong venus also have good effect.
  • The 5th house lord placed in 3rd house as it is 11th from 5th , sometimes increases the chance of love marriage.
  • 7th house lord placed with venus increases the chance of love marriage.
  • Venus, Rahu, Saturn individually placed in 7th house is good for love marriage and marriage sustains if not in affliction with strong 5th house.
  • The relation between 5th, 7th, and 8th house also creates good chances of love marriage.
  • Ascendent lord and moon sign if placed in venus sign or with venus, with strong 5th house, will also result in successful love marriage.
  • If 7th house lord is placed in libra and taurus sign with strong 5th house lord, or 5th house, lord placed with venus and venus sign also increases the chance of love marriage.
  • The mutual exchange of nakshatra between 7th and 5th lord planets.
  • The mutual exchange of nakshatra between 11th and 5th house planets.
  • The mutual exchange of sign between 7th & 5th, 11th & 5th, and 1st & 7th.
  • The mutual exchange of shadbala between 1st and 7th house planet.

So, the more we find above conditions in one’s chart, the more will be the chances of successful love marriage.

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