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Exalted planets are always considered good, whereas debilitated planets are considered as bad, but here we will try to understand what makes them good or bad. 

Let’s try by taking an example. Suppose ‘A’ has joined a new school where A meets B, C, D & E in his class when A sits with B for the first time. ‘A’ observed that there is nothing common between them, even not a single thing in common. Whenever A & B try to communicate, they end up generally having arguments. In this way, A feels exhausted with B. But after many days, A starts behaving like B because of the association.

Now, A has started sitting with C. A observes that there are no common things between them. But fortunately, there is no such arguments have happened. They sit with each other with minimum conversation. They mostly ignore each other. Here, A is not getting exhausted, at least, as in the case of B.

Next time, A sat with D. A observed that there were many things in common among them. They have the same taste and almost the same likes & dislikes, but still, nature is different. Both support each other. So, A likes to sit with D. Still, D has different nature, But A feels good with D.

Finally, A sits with E.  Then A observed that E carries the same energy as A, has the same nature, the same taste, and has common topics to work on & talk about. A feels at home when he sits with E, very comfortable, and also enjoying his company.

So, it exactly happens with planets. Suppose a particular planet feels comfortable in a particular sign which carries the same energy as a planet. Then that planet gets exalted in that sign.

If a particular planet feels good in a particular sign with different energy levels, that is a friendly sign for the planet.

If a particular planet does not feel happy in a particular sign because of different nature, that is an enemy sign for that planet.

If a particular planet feels exhausted and uncomfortable in a particular sign because that sign carries the opposite nature, and the planet is loosing its true significance in that sign, that is a debilitated sign for that planet.

SUN – Exaltation & Debilitation

MOON – Exaltation & Debilitation

MERCURY – Exaltation in Virgo & Debilitation in Pisces

Saturn – Exalted in Libra & Debilitated in Aries

Jupiter – Exalted in Cancer & Debilitated in Capricorn

Venus – Exalted in Pisces & Debilitated in Virgo

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