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5 Things Not To Do On Tuesday: Astrological Reasons

Tuesdays hold a special place in the week, governed by the planet Mars and dedicated to the revered Lord Hanuman. This day, marked by its fiery planetary ruler, Mars, carries specific astrological beliefs that influence various activities and decisions. Understanding these can help navigate the day with reverence and caution, aligning actions for positive outcomes.

Astrological Significance of Tuesdays

  • Planet Ruler: Mars, known for its fiery and energetic influence, governs Tuesday. This connection emphasizes actions and decisions that can impact personal energy and outcomes.
  • Deity Association: Lord Hanuman, the deity devoted to this day, symbolizes strength and devotion. Observing certain practices on Tuesdays can enhance spiritual growth and protection.

5 Practices to Avoid on Tuesdays for Harmonious Living

  1. Don’t Wash Your Head: Astrologically, washing your head on Tuesday is believed to weaken Mars’s positive influence. It’s a day to harness Mars’s strength, and washing your head might dilute this energy.
  2. Avoid Eating Non-Vegetarian Food: As a day dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who symbolizes celibacy and strength derived from a sattvic diet, consuming non-vegetarian food is discouraged to maintain the day’s purity and spiritual vibrance.
  3. Don’t Cut Your Nails: Cutting nails, associated with Saturn, on a Mars-dominated day can invite conflict between these planetary energies, potentially leading to harm or negative consequences.
  4. Never Wear Black Clothes: Black is believed to enhance the malefic aspects of Mars, attracting negative energy. Wearing red or rust-colored clothes is encouraged to harness positive vibrations.
  5. Avoid Buying New Clothes or Materialistic Things: Tuesday’s high Mars energy is not favorable for new beginnings or purchases, as it might invite stress or issues related to those materialistic acquisitions.

In Short

Understanding and respecting the astrological nuances of Tuesdays can significantly enhance one’s spiritual and mundane life. Observing these practices, rooted in ancient wisdom, invites positive energies and blessings, fostering harmony and prosperity. As we tread through each Tuesday, let’s embrace these guidelines to honor the day’s sacred essence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can we eat eggs on Tuesday?
Eating eggs or any non-vegetarian food is discouraged on Tuesdays to honor Lord Hanuman’s principles and to maintain the day’s spiritual essence.

Q2: Which dal should be donated on Tuesday?
Donating red lentils (Masoor dal) is auspicious on Tuesdays. It aligns with Mars’s color and is believed to bring good fortune.

Q3: Is it okay to cut nails on Tuesday?
No, clipping nails on Tuesday can cause harm due to the conflicting energies of Saturn (represented by nails) and Mars (the day’s ruler).

Q4: Can we buy shoes on Tuesday?
Buying shoes, or any new items for that matter, is not recommended on Tuesday as it may attract bad luck and stress.

Q5: Is Tuesday considered an inauspicious day?
While Tuesday is auspicious and devoted to Lord Hanuman, certain activities are advised against due to the strong influence of Mars, which can lead to challenges if not navigated with awareness.

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