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Synastry Chart and Synastry Chart Calculator

What Is a Synastry Chart?

A synastry chart compares two (or more) birth charts to see how well people match in a relationship. It helps to understand how two people’s planets and houses interact, giving insights into how they get along.

Synastry Chart Calculator

To explore your synastry chart, use a synastry chart calculator. Enter both birth details, and the calculator will compare the charts, highlighting key compatibility factors

Explore your free birth chart with the birth chart calculator .

How Does a Synastry Chart Work?

In a synastry chart, astrologers place one chart inside the other to see how the planets from each chart align. The inner chart is for the first person, and the outer chart shows the planets of the second person. This helps to see how their energies connect.

For example, if you have a Cancer rising and a Cancer moon, and your partner has a Cancer sun, their sun might fall in your first house near your moon. This suggests a strong emotional connection.

Key Factors in Synastry Chart Compatibility

  1. House Placement: This shows how partners influence each other’s lives. If your partner’s sun and Mercury are in your ninth house, your relationship may focus on growth, learning, and exploration.
  2. Zodiac Signs and Elements: Compatibility is often better when elements are similar. If you have many water and earth signs, you may be more cautious and emotional. Someone with fire and air signs may prefer spontaneity and adventure. Balancing these elements is important.

Exploring Synastry Chart Compatibility

To understand synastry, look at:

  • Sun and Moon Interactions: The sun shows your core self, and the moon shows your emotions. Good interactions between them indicate emotional harmony.
  • Venus and Mars Connections: Venus represents love and attraction, while Mars shows passion and drive. Their positions reveal the romantic and sexual dynamics.
  • Mercury Aspects: Mercury’s position shows how well partners communicate and understand each other.

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