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A True Story of Reincarnation Explored through Astrology

Reincarnation is the timeless journey of the soul, transcending the boundaries of material existence. It’s the belief that beyond our mortal bodies lies an eternal spirit, traversing through countless lifetimes in pursuit of fulfillment and enlightenment. Rooted in ancient wisdom, reincarnation teaches us that our souls are bound by karma, the cosmic law of cause and effect, shaping our destinies across the ages.

So, here we are presenting a very interesting history of Raghava Das Brahmachari, a past-life monk who is spending his present life in a woman’s body. This history very nicely shows the result of our attachments & journey from unfulfilled desire to real fulfillment.

David Hoey was born on May 14, 1954, in Glasgow. He was the only son and lived with his mother and father. When he was at the age of 13, his father committed suicide by hanging a rope. Due to various questions that were arising in David’s mind about life, He joined ISKCON Edinburgh Temple. He started serving there along with another monk, named Tribhuvanath Prabhu. They used to perform Harinaam Sankirtan on regular basis, playing kartals and drums. This way he was relishing his spiritual life. The real journey of his spiritual life started when Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acharya of ISKCON & a pure devotee, accepted him as his disciple on 19th October 1973 and named Raghava Das Brahmachari.

Tragically, His service to Krishna in this life was cut off by his sudden death the next day after his initiation in a van accident. This incident left everyone speechless, as the next day was going to be his official initiation through Yajna. According to the instruction of Srila Prabhupada, Every devotee prayed for his next life, that may he get a chance to continue his journey of Krishna consciousness.

The next birth of Raghava Das Brahmachari happened as a woman named, Ratnavali Dasi.
From now, we will try to understand the life of Ratnavali Dasi and her past life memories. She gets birth on 9th August 1975 in London. Her family was a religious one, that’s why she got a very favorable atmosphere for her spiritual journey. Somehow or other, she was able to remember her past life memories and incidents as a monk. She can easily connect the dots about her relationship with Srila Prabhupada and Krishna consciousness. As her husband, she gets married to a devotee, who was also very favorable to her Krishna Consciousness.

The most interesting thing that happened was, she got this women’s body because of her attachment to a lady whom she was helping in Service in the past life as Raghava Das Brahmachari. Her face was very similar to that lady too. These all incidents confirm the teachings of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, about how a soul changes bodies and accepts a particular type of body according to the attachments and remembrance at the time of death.

All these incidents don’t get concluded so easily. She got her past life regressions and concluded these all after going to various places and meeting with people, that she has dreamed of many times.

Now, here we are explaining all aspects of the life of Raghava Das Brahmachari according to astrology. These detailed conclusions as given by Astro Priya Sharma after a long analysis of past and present birth charts of Raghava Das Brahmachari’s (1954-1973) chart.

Here, we will try to understand why he had a short life.
For a long and healthy life, we have to look for responsible planets in the D1 chart.
1) Lagan lord/ascendent is the lord of health. In his case, Venus is the lagan lord.
2) The natural significator of age is Moon

For good age, two houses are very important.-
1) 1st House – House of Health
2) 8th House – House of Death

In his horoscope, the lagan lord is placed in the 8th house. Venus is atmakarak (who has a high degree in the chart) for him. Here Atmakarak chooses the 8th house, which is a house of sudden death, risks, hurdles, transformations & accidents. Moon chooses the 12th house, which is the house of loss. Moreover, the lagan lord is placed with the 12th house lord, which is mercury, which means the house of loss is placed in the house of death with the health lord.
In the 8th house, a child planet (Mercury) is placed and In the 12th house, Moon is placed, which is the house of loss & house of the cremation ground. Both Moon and Mercury is representing short life spans.

But we can’t conclude early death and death from accidents only by seeing the D1 chart. These planets will have the same condition in the D9 chart, Navamsha, which is the chart of our life span.

Again, we can easily observe here, The ascendant lord Venus occupies the same house which is the 8th house and Moon is also in the 8th house. Atmakarak in the 8th house in D9 shows that death will be miserable and painful. Also placed with a natural malefic planet, which is Mars. Both condition simply depicts that life will be short.

Why he lost his life in an accident?
The accident happened because of a result of past life karma. We need to look at his 5th house condition. The lord of the 5th house is in Retrograde condition, moving towards the 12th house. 5th house is the fruit in retrograde and moving towards the house of loss. Also observing mars and Rahu from the 3rd house, as the 3rd house is the house of short travel. Mars, Rahu & Saturn aspects a blast is 3rd house, most probably a blast while traveling.

why he died as a monk?
Jupiter and Ketu are also looking toward the 5th house, which is the fruit of the last birth. So he got such an inclination toward spirituality at is young age as a fruit of his past life. As 6th house is the house of pending karma. Again, Jupiter is the lord of pending karma. So his pending karma related to religion and spirituality continues to the next life as its lord is again placed in the 9th house. The House of the next birth is placed with Ketu, which is the planet of salvation.

So, his pending karma is related to spiritual things which he couldn’t fulfill in his last birth. This is the reason, why he became a monk at a such young age to continue his journey of spirituality. As Jupiter and Ketu are looking towards the 6th house as well as lagan, That’s why he died as a Monk.

We can also conclude about his last life from D60 Chart (Shatamsha).

Again, in lagan lord is in debilitated sign. In the D60 chart, Moon is with Rahu in 1st house. This is called Grahan Yoga. Saturn & Mars is also looking mutually toward each other. Saturn, Mars, and Rahu energy is enough for accidents. Only Jupiter is in the Pisces sign. The own sign shows some positive sides in the D60 chart, which is responsible for pending karma in the D1 chart. So, for sure he has done good spiritual work in his past life, and also that’s the reason he got Jupiter in Pisces in D60. By observing minutely, we can conclude that he made a mistake in terms of relationships, that’s the reason, Venus is in the Virgo sign, and Sun & mars are together. As result, he was very impulsive and a person of high temperament and took a very fast decision in full anger, as the D60 chart shows.

So, this particular incident happened on 20th October 1973 at 8:00 AM in Morpeth. He was under Rahu Mahadasha, Venus Antardasha & Saturn Prayantardasha. As Rahu is in the Sagittarius sign, which is a sign of spirituality that helped him to become a Monk. Rahu is behaving like Jupiter and Rahu shifted his sign from Sagittarius to Scorpio on navamsaha. which itself 12th house from its sign. Again, Rahu Mahadasha indicates a new beginning of spiritual enlightenment. But the 12th house is the house of loss and Scorpio is the sign of transformation after so many hurdles in the D9 Chart. It is a sign of suffering and Rahu is placed in the 3rd House which is the house of short travel. No doubt, he traveled a lot in Rahu Mahadasha and met so many peoples in spiritual affairs.

Venus antardasha which is placed in the 8th house, 6 steps far from Rahu Mahadasha. Rahu and Venus are making the 6th and 8th circles. Venus is 6th from Rahu and Rahu is 8th from Venus. Moreover, Venus is atmakarak & ascendant lord/health lord. Then Saturn Paryantardasha, Saturn is 6th from Venus again making the same circle and placed in the 1st house which is the house of Health. The Rahu, Venus & Saturn are 6th and 8th steps away from each other. 6th house is the house of disease & disputes and the 8th house is the house of accident, suffering, and death.

Now, This present birth, 9th august 1925, 2 AM in London as a Girl, named Ratnavali.

As you can see, the 9th house is the house of the fruit of the next birth. In Raghava’s D9 Chart, in the 9th house, the Gemini sign occurs and Gemini becomes the ascendent in this new life. The 5th house lord was placed with two beneficial planets and female planets. So this is showing some female connection from past life and Venus is retrograde. That’s for sure, it is showing a strong connection with a girl in her past life and placed with lagan lord.

The fruit of past life is Venus which is retrograde and placed with Mercury lagan lord. So, her present facial looks are highly affected by past life female connections. As Mercury is with retrograde Venus and again Jupiter is looking at her 5th house. Hence, in her past life, she was a monk. As Jupiter is also looking 7th house, that’s why her husband is very spiritual too and acted as her friend, guide, and mentor. He just helped her a lot to resolve her past life mysteries.

But in this life, She had faced a lot as her lagan is placed between four malefic planets – Saturn, Sun, Mars, and Ketu. She suffered a lot as nobody has any idea of what she is going within to resolve her past life memories. In this, she would have a good age because of the strong 8th house. Also, Moon and Mercury don’t carry any bad house affect.
In the D9 chart, Mercury is placed with Jupiter in a good house, so the health lord is strong, which will help her to live a long life. Saturn is vargotama in D9, which is the 8th house lord, responsible for longevity. But Moon in the 8th house in D9 can give hurdles in life and can give health issues. But strong Saturn and Mercury will not let Moon end her so easily.

Again she is going through some Rahu Dasha from 2017 to 2036, where in last she dies in the first stage of Rahu Dasha. Here Rahu is in Scorpio, which is hidden secrets, Rahu & Ketu has relation with the past. So Rahu reveals the hidden secrets of her past life in its Dasha which is very hard to believe.

If we will check her past life through the D60 chart, she died as a Monk. Moon is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is looking and Jupiter lagan is there. He has a beautiful moon without bad effects

In this way, we understood the concept of Reincarnation from the life of Raghava Das Brahmachari.

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