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Ashtakavarga Calculator: Simplifying Vedic Astrology Predictions

Have you ever wondered how astrology can predict your future based on the movement of planets? You might have heard about Ashtakavarga, but understanding its intricacies might seem daunting. Fear not! Let’s demystify the Ashtakavarga Calculator and its predictions in simple terms.

What is the Ashtakavarga Calculator?

The Ashtakavarga Calculator is a tool rooted in Vedic astrology. It calculates the strength of planets based on twelve Zodiac signs or ‘rashi.’ Essentially, it assesses how planets influence your life based on their positions in your birth chart.

Ashtakavarga System of Prediction

According to Vedic astrology, each planet is assigned numeric points (0-8) based on its placement in the birth chart. These points determine the planet’s auspicious or inauspicious influence on your life. For instance, a planet with 8 points signifies great luck and potential for positive outcomes, while 0 points indicate challenges.

How does it work?

To calculate Ashtakavarga, the positions of all planets concerning a reference planet are examined. If a planet’s position is favorable, it earns points; if unfavorable, it earns fewer or no points. These points collectively form the Ashtakavarga score.

Understanding Ashtakavarga Points

The Ashtakavarga chart provides insights into various aspects of life, from health to relationships. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 0 points: Highly inauspicious.
  • 1-3 points: Not very auspicious.
  • 4 points: Average or neutral influence.
  • 5-8 points: Considered auspicious and favorable.

Ashtakavarga scores below 28 are undesirable, while those above 30 are highly desirable.

Practical Reading of Ashtakavarga

Understanding your Ashtakavarga chart is key to deciphering predictions. Each ‘bindu’ or point represents different life scenarios:

  • 8 bindus: Auspicious, indicating prosperity and happiness.
  • 1 bindu: Inauspicious, suggesting challenges and setbacks.

By analyzing these bindus, astrologers predict various life events with remarkable accuracy.

Why is it Significant?

Ashtakavarga is a powerful tool for predicting life events accurately. Whether it’s health issues, career prospects, or relationships, Ashtakavarga offers valuable insights into every aspect of life.

The Ashtakavarga Calculator simplifies complex astrological predictions, empowering individuals to understand and navigate their life paths with clarity. So, next time you consult an astrologer or use an online calculator, you’ll know how Ashtakavarga works its magic!

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