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Bandhan Yoga or Jail Yoga

How can we see Bandhan yoga/jail yoga/imprisonment in horoscope? 

The key planets of jail yoga are 

  1. Saturn
  2. Ketu
  3. Rahu
  4. Mars 

But Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu are the main planets  for Bandhan yoga. 

The houses which are afflicted, which cause jail yoga, are 

1st house ,6th house ,12th house ,8th house .

So A jail is a place  where criminals  are kept in order to punish them

This comes under the law; the person will not have any connection to the family and outer world.

Saturn is a legal work, a law, your respect, prison, an enslaved person, so Saturn is the main planet; if afflicted, then a person has to face a legal issue, become a slave and work according   to the law 

Ketu is a planet of isolation, which has no connection with the outer world, gives you a chance to live alone, and has no social life. 

These two are the main ones, if afflicted, it makes you detached, separated, dispassion

That’s why we call Saturn Ketu conjunction  can make  a person solitude  by making a Saint, lives with oneself and putting  them in jail to separate from social life 

Rahu is the out-of-the-box thing; Rahu does work against society, rahu always does the work beyond expectation, Rahu  easily gives fame and defames the native 

Most of the time, Rahu gives negative  fame, so if Rahu is afflicted, a person  may have a criminal  mind and also seek a shortcut to get easy money or fulfil their own satisfaction  and ego, so that’s how Rahu comes to the limelight  by getting  negative  recognition  on going jail 

Mars is young energy; Mars is always ready to take action, and Mars is very self-centred and very proud.

So because of Mars, Rahu can take action on that thought to go against society; Mars also represents police officers.

If your Mars is badly placed, you will be around police officers against you.

If these are connected to the 6th,8th, and 12th house and in a very bad position, especially in the nakshatra of Ketu, Rahu and Saturn and having an afflicted ascendant lord, then chances of jail yoga will Increase. 

Your first house is your image and respect; if your ascendant lord is weak and in the first house, malefic planets are placed, then you can defame or lose of reputation in your life. 

For example  

If a good Saturn is placed in your first house and the first house lord is also strong, then this Saturn will give you a high reputation  and lots of respect in society 

If a bad Saturn is placed in your first house and the ascendant  lord is also weak, then this Saturn  will cause a loss of respect  in society 

If Saturn has a connection  with Ketu, Rahu and Mars and has a connection  with the 6th,8th, and 12th house, then the chances of jail yoga are more 

Saturn is the key planet because Saturn represents cage and is associated  with Ketu, which is isolation can isolate you  in jail

The dasha phase in which a person can go to jail is 

  1. Saturn ketu and ketu Saturn dasha 
  2. Saturn rahu and rahu saturn dasha 
  3. Saturn Mars and mars Saturn dasha 
  4. ketu rahu and rahu ketu dasha
  5. Mars  rahu and rahu mars dasha 
  6. The dasha of that planet  which is placed in Ketu and Saturn nakshatra 
  7. Saturn  Saturn dasha
  8. Ketu ketu dasha 
  9. Rahu rahu dasha

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