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Bill Gates Horoscope

Today we will discuss about one of the richest person of the world, most popular, none other than “Bill Gates”. He is one of the best known entrepreneur and pioneer of the microcomputer revolution in 1970’s & 1980’s. His full name is William Henry Gates. He is the cofounder of Microsoft, a software developer and a philanthrophist. 

So, Today we will try to know all aspects of his life, events & achievements, his relationships, wealth and finance, name & fame from his chart.

Bill Gates was born in October 28, 1955 at seatle, Washington at 22:00, nearby this (21:46)

According to his Horoscope chart, He is Gemini ascendent and moon sign in pisces. As he has 3 children and 1st child is a daughter, which shows that he is Gemini rising, not cancer rising. Because in Gemini rising, he has Saturn and Venus in 5th house, which is the house of 1st child and both are female planets.

D1 Chart of Bill Gates

Bill Gates per day income is approx $10,959,000. What makes him one among  worlds richest person, we will discuss through his chart.

In Gemini rising, three planets are functional beneficial, which is Mercury, Saturn and Venus. All the three are in either exalted sign or in own sign, this is the main reason, that he has strong chart compared to others. Saturn & Venus together in D1 & D9 chart makes a best conjunction for wealth and fame.

One of the main reason is, that he has seen all the functional beneficial mahadasha and achieved everything in that dasha. He involved in Microsoft project in 1981. Just before Venus Mahadasha, in Ketu Mercury Period. 

Venus Mahadasha proved as one of the life changer mahadasha, because Microsoft gets publicity in 1986 and in 1991, He become the 3rd richest man in America. As for Gemini ascendent, Jupiter is the lord of Marriage. So in Venus-Jupiter mahadasha. He got married in 1994.

Because he has Saturn-Venus-Sun in 5th house in libra sign, where Libra is a sign of Venus. Venus itself is placed in 5th and Saturn gets exalted in Libra sign, Saturn counts it as female planet having female characteristics. Sun is less strong, because Sun doesn’t want to be in Libra.

So, In 26 April, 1990, The period was Venus Saturn (Both are female) and 5th house is a house of 1st child, his daughter was born. Off course Saturn gives responsibility. So after child, change in family responsibilities was obvious.

D9 chart of Bill gates

In Venus Mercury period, as we know Mercury is a child planet. He is younger to all planets , mercury is a child and student and in his case Mercury is his self Lord and in Navamsha got the sign of Sun, which is Leo (King sign), who helped him  to live a royal life and Mercury is placed with Ketu and Mercury has the nature of Sun & Ketu, that’s why Ketu gives him the nature to behave like Saint.

If we talk about Mercury, Mercury is a very profit seeker planet and Mercury is trying to help others, that means Mercury has some influence of Ketu, Jupiter & Sun. So, in 1998, in the Venus Mercury Period, he gave a big amount of Donation to child (Mercury) vaccine. In 23rd May 1999, his son Rory John was born. Off course we see second child from 7th house, that’s the house of Jupiter and Jupiter is male planet and placed in 3rd house again in male sign, Mars is also aspecting 7th house. So a baby boy was born.

In Venus-Ketu, He donated money to help others and faced some losses as Ketu in 12th House. Moreover, He has divorced in 2021, His marriage got broke after a long period (1994-2021). As his marriage house is aspected by Saturn and Mars together. In Navamsha, Saturn and Mars are together again which is not good for marital life. Moreover, he has high mangalik dosha and marriage lord Jupiter is placed in Ketu Nakshatra. These are the reason that his marriage got broke after so long period.

Jupiter is aspecting 7th house. It has strong Venus, Both are trying to save marriage so long, and trying to save marriage from Mars and Saturn bad effects.. But in 2021,In Mars Saturn Dasha, Both got the power to fight against Jupiter and this marriage got break in the time phase, when both came together.

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