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Exploring Past Life Karma: Insights and Methods in Astrology

Astrology, deeply rooted in our Indian culture, holds profound wisdom about our past lives and the karma we carry from them. Let’s embark on a journey through the 12 zodiac signs , 12 houses, and 9 planets, The celestial bodies that guide us, including the mysterious shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. These planets, often referred to as karmic planets, play a crucial role in shaping our destiny based on our past actions.

But it doesn’t end there. The 27 Nakshatras, each with its unique story, offer valuable insights into our past life experiences. By examining the placement of planets in Nakshatras, we can uncover hidden truths about our karmic debts and relationships from previous lifetimes.

Moreover, the 16 divisional charts, especially the D60 Shastiamsa chart, provide deeper insights into our past life inclinations and tendencies. Retrograde planets, denoted by their backward motion, are also significant indicators of past life karma. When a planet moves in retrograde motion, it signifies unresolved karmic issues from the past that need attention in this lifetime.

Let’s take an example. If Venus or the 7th house lord is retrograde or placed in the 6th house, it suggests that our partner carries strong karmic debts from past lives. Similarly, analyzing the placement of the 6th house lord in both the D1 and D60 charts can reveal the intricate details of our karmic relationships, such as with siblings or extended family members.

Furthermore, the Nakshatras, with their unique stories and Padas, provide valuable clues about our past life experiences and the events that may unfold in this lifetime. For instance, the Gand Mool Nakshatras, governed by Ketu and Mercury, often signify karmic issues within the family and financial challenges.

In Short

decoding past life karma through astrology involves a holistic approach, considering the interplay of planetary placements, retrograde motions, and Nakshatras. By unraveling these cosmic mysteries, we can gain a deeper understanding of our karmic journey and the lessons we are meant to learn in this lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which planet is responsible for past life karma?

In astrology, the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are primarily responsible for past life karma. These nodes of the moon symbolize our karmic debts and experiences from previous lifetimes.

How to know your past life karma?

Understanding your past life karma involves analyzing various astrological factors such as planetary positions, retrograde motions, Nakshatras, and divisional charts. Consulting with an experienced astrologer or using online resources can help interpret these indicators and gain insights into your past life karma.

Is there a free past life astrology calculator?

Yes, there are several free online tools and calculators available that claim to provide insights into past life karma based on astrological principles. These calculators may use different algorithms to analyze your birth chart and offer interpretations of past life influences. However, it’s essential to approach these tools with discernment and consult with a professional astrologer for accurate insights.

How did I die in my past life?

Determining the circumstances of your past life death involves examining specific indicators in your birth chart, particularly in the D1 (natal chart) and D60 (Shastiamsa chart). These charts provide insights into past life inclinations and experiences, including potential causes of death. Consulting with an astrologer skilled in analyzing divisional charts can help uncover clues about your past life journey and how it may influence your current life path.

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