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In today’s world, it has been become most difficult to maintain and continue our loving relations. Specially, in marriage life, there always remains a fear of divorce or break up because of extra marital affairs. The desire to enjoy many people, their fame & riches, their beauty & lack of mutual love & trust simply results in so many unexpected things. Well, we all know, the outside factors of our unhealthy relations. In this article, we will try to understand the inner aspects of Extra Marital Affairs.

The key planets to extra marital affairs is Venus, Mercury, Rahu, Mars & Moon. But among all, primary planet is Venus. Rest planets can’t succeed without influence of Venus. Other planets just increase the chances of extra marital affairs, but Venus still remains the deciding factor in anybody’s chart.

Deciding Planets of Extra Marital Affairs

The main house which is responsible for hidden affairs or extra marital affairs is 8th House. Then 5th , 7th & 12th  also has effects to increase the chances.

Again, the sign which is responsible for extra marital affairs or hidden affairs is Scorpio, Gemini, Libra, Aries & Pisces. 

The conjunction of Venus with Mercury, Mars, Rahu, Moon increases the effect of Venus and love affairs happens very easily.

As Mercury is dual in nature, also it is a multi tasking planet. So, Venus with Mercury easily gives two love affairs at a time. If we talk about Rahu, as Rahu is student of Venus, also it expands the things having same desire as of Venus. Rahu also thinks out of the box, it goes against the norms of Society. So Venus with Rahu can go against Society by giving any Extra Marital Affairs.

Mars has martial energy and having high sexual energy, even more than Venus. This is also very courageous in nature. So with Venus, its effect gets increased, that’s why a person easily gets involved in extra marital affairs to fulfil his/her sexual needs.

Now. We are going to understand the mutual effect of Venus & Moon. Both are female planets. Venus love & romance, while Moon is pure emotions. They need high emotional support & Love. As Venus is with emotional planet, who is very sensitive, simply gets attracted towards a person, who shows love & gives emotional support. Moon does not uses its mind, So easily gets manipulated by next person and getting involved in extra marital affairs to get emotional support, if they got hurt.

Now, this yoga will enhance its effects, when placed in above sign as mentioned earlier. Conjunction of Venus with Mercury, Moon, Mars in Gemini, Aries, Scorpio, Pisces & Libra. Again, if they are present in 5th house, 7thhouse, 8th house and 12th house, the chances of extra marital affairs also increases.

Yoga of Extra Marital Affairs

If 5th house lord is placed in 8th house or if 8th house lord is placed in 5th house, specially in dual sign, sign of Aries, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces, also placed with Mercury, Venus & Rahu, can also increase the yoga. If 5th house lord is placed with 8th house lord together. If 8th house is making a connection with 12thhouse and Venus is afflicted and 7th house is afflicted, then also this Yoga will form.

If 7th house has more female planets and 7th house lord is placed in dual sign also gives extra affairs.

Venus-Mars/Venus-Rahu/Venus-Mercury/Venus-Moon in 7th house or 1st house and connection of 8th house with 7th house or 5th house. So, extra affairs will be seen in marriage life. If this occurs in 7th house, your spouse would be a cheater and first you will be a cheater. Specially, then yoga has more effects in sign of Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio & Aries.

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