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Foreign Settlement in Astrology: Key Planets and Houses

Today we will discuss about person settlement in abroad, through his horoscope chart. Many of us wants to settle down in other countries, But fail to get the opportunity and circumstances not becomes favorable for the person to work on it.

First the planets which are responsible for travel are

  1. Rahu
  2. Ketu
  3. Moon
  4. 3rd house lord, 9th house lord, 12th house lord and planets placed in these houses.

Rahu gives travel because Rahu wants to explore the things, wants to meet new people, specially those countries which gives more freedom and less restriction.

Ketu gives travel because Ketu makes you alone, separates you from your family, gives you isolation. It will make you travel to Islamic countries, where you will find many rules & regulations.

Moon gives travel because Moon changes very frequently, makes you travel nearby Sea area. Moon represents changes.

The houses which are responsible for travel are 3rd, 9th & 12th houses, in which 3rd & 9th gives you short travel like within country or nearby countries But 12th house purely represents abroad, foreign travel, long distance or for long time.

Foreign settlements are likely to take place if 

  1. 1st house lord or 4th house, 9th house lord is placed in 12th house and vice versa, then chances for abroad settlement is more.
  2. Your 4th house/4th house lord should be afflicted in your chart, means 4th house shouldn’t have any influence of Jupiter and 4th house/4th house lord affected by malefic influence and it has relation with 12th house & 9th house, then you will live far away from. Your hometown, you will get the opportunity to travel in other country.
  3. 9th house lord and 12th house lord placed together, specially in movable sign.
  4. 1st house lord and 12th house lord placed together, specially in movable sign.
  5. Moon placed in 12th house specially with Rahu/Ketu, makes you travel a lot in different countries.
  6. Rahu and Ketu when influenced in the 4th house, then person lives away from his/her hometown.
  7. Moon should be afflicted and should not connect with 4th house, because Moon is natural signification of birthland. If Moon has any connection with 12th house or with Rahu and Ketu and with 9th house, then you will get opportunity to live in other countries.

DASHAS for Foreign Settlement 

Your first long travel or settlement will always happen in Rahu dasha, when you are going to explore new people first time. In fact, Rahu doesn’t want to stay at home, Rahu gives negativity in its dasha when someone lives in his or her own home.

Rahu dasha comes at first which will make you travel, Rahu represents big change in lifestyle and gives sudden surprises.

Ketu, Moon and 3rd house/9th house and 12th house dasha will make you travel in its dasha.

Exchange yoga between 1st & 12th house, 4th house lord in 12th with 9th house lord, Moreover Mars is aspecting 4th house, malefic aspect. This chart fulfills all the condition to settle down in other countries. 

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