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Secrets of Saturn

Hidden Traits & Story of Saturn

According to Hindu Mythology, Saturn is one of the ominous planets and is named after his nature. He is the son of Surya Dev and his wife, Chaya. Saturn is considered a malefic planet. Weak Saturn can bring many problems in a native’s life. Let’s discover more interesting facts and traits of Saturn-

          • Saturn is the brother of Yama and is very devoted to his mother.

          • He is a lame old man, surrounded by many responsibilities without any help.

          • He is a sudra, which means he works very hard as a labor for a penny.

          • He faces many humiliations as a slave.

          • Saturn patiently waits for a reward to work under slavery.

          • Saturn includes Cobbler who fixes defective shoes.

          • At the construction site, laborers lay brick by brick.

          • An anthropologist and historian who deals with ancient things come under Saturn.

          • A black crow, a dog, who acts as a slave, is faithful to the owner and performs his                       duty very nicely, especially a black dog.

          • A person under many social restrictions represents Saturn.

          • Saturn does justice to others. So it includes advocates, judiciary, court, jail, and police.

          • A tea maker or one who is related to tea, coffee, or chocolates.

          • A person who speaks very straightforwardly, but has pain & sorrow in his words. His speech also contains sympathy, justice & bitterness.

          • A person who believes work is worship and completely dedicates his life to simply doing his work.

          • A person who deals with rules of society, believes in norms and rules and boundaries, equality & legal relations.

          • A person who partially sees from one eye, and faces issues with another eye.

          • A person who is tall and lean and he looks like a malnourished man and is dark in color with cracked heels.

          • A man who gets easily attracted to women and usually has increased sexual desires, which is not normal. But even after having such strong desires, he never gets such sexual satisfaction, as he faces some sort of unusual issues in his sexual health.

          • All the customs, rituals, and norms of society represents Saturn.

          • All things which are made up of iron e.g. vehicles, computers, jails, etc.

          • A photographer who tries to capture all the incidents and moments with a camera represent Saturn.

          • All things which are black.

          • A camera that captures and records the moments is Saturn.

          • Well, he is not King, but he is a Kingmaker.

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