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Shadbala is a mathematical way to calculate the strength of planets depending on the position of planets in astrological chart. If any planet is placed in a particular friendly sign and powerful house according to its nature with good degree, then this particular planet will have comparatively good strength than other planets.

In Shadbala, every planet will get specific position which we represent by number (1 to 7 ) according to strength & power in shadbala graph.

Let’s understand this concept with a suitable example. Here we are taking a birth chart with following details-

24th August 2022, 00:14 AM

From the above astrological chart, we can conclude the strength of planets  according to Shadbala Graph as follows-

Benefits according to Shadbala strength

Mars got 1st position in shadbala graph. Mars has more strength and power in comparison to other planets. Whenever Mars dasha will come, mars will give its full positive results to the native.

The native will have very high energy, passionate, will remain always young, health will also remain good, very courageous, risk taker. This is because of the good effects of Mars.

Mars will bless the native with property or profit with property and hard work. Native will make his career specially in field of administrative services, army officers e.t.c.

Disadvantage according to Shadbala strength

As Mercury has got less point in shadbala in comparison to other planets, so it can give issues related to skin, teeth and communication as mercury is the lord of these things.

Native might face issue in calculation , can have unhealthy relation with sister or father’s sister or will have bad relation with maternal family.

Now you can see planets dignity in shadbala.

What Is Bhavabala In Astrology?

Bhav-Bala is a mathematical way to calculate the strength of particular Bhav/House, depending upon degree of planets, sign and aspects, paksh and arrange Bhav from ( 1 to 12 ) position according to the strength in Bhav-Bala chart/graph.

Let us understand this concept by a suitable example.

2nd January 1990 – 02:00 AM – Bulandsahar

From the above astrological chart, we can conclude the Bhav-Bala chart as follows-

Benefits according to Bhav-Bala

As you can see Bhav-1st , house wise 1st got high position, higher strength in Bhav-Bala in comparison to other Bhav/houses. So native will get full positive results related to first house.

1st house is for health, so native will be blessed with good health and immunity. 1st is ownself and one’s image in society, so native will be like center of attraction around peoples and friends.

Native will earn a good name and fame and will be blessed with good physic.

Disadvantage of Low Bhav-Bala

The effect of low bhav-bala which is house no. 11, which is the house of friends, gains, elder siblings, profit, desires, social life.

Automatically, this bhav get low strength, so native will face some issues related to it.

One will get cheated by friends or you might be an introvert, that’s why don’t want to socialize or won’t make any friends.

One will get late profits or might have delay in fulfillment of desires or profit may turn in to loss or profit will be less than expenditures.

One will have bad relations with elder siblings or might have disputes with siblings.

Now you can see your Bhav-Bala or strength of your houses in Bhav-Bala.

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