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Which Is The Worst Phase Of Saturn Mahadasha?

Saturn Mahadasha is a challenging period that combines achievements with struggles. Lasting for 19 years, this phase demands strong energy due to Saturn’s malefic nature. Let’s break down the toughest phases within this dasha:

Saturn-Ketu Phase:

The concluding the ending phase of Saturn-Mercury can be tough as Saturn transitions into Ketu’s influence.

Ketu brings challenges like introversion, detachment, and loneliness, contrasting with Mercury’s earlier ease.

Friends, easy money, and peace gained during Saturn-Mercury may fade away.


Saturn-Moon Phase:

Saturn and Moon together create Vish Yoga, a combination that can lead to emotional sensitivity and hurt.

This phase may bring about feelings of depression, betrayal, or emotional upheaval.

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Saturn-Rahu Phase:

Rahu’s entry into Saturn’s dasha can cause significant upheaval.

Initially, it might offer sudden gains, fake people, and unexpected events.

However, towards the end, Rahu may take away what it provided, leaving one with a sense of loss or disillusionment.

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Navigating Saturn Mahadasha requires patience, resilience, and a deep understanding of its phases. While challenges are inevitable, they also pave the way for growth and transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Saturn Mahadasha:

Which Anterdasha is considered bad under Saturn Mahadasha?

The anterdasha (sub-period) of Ketu is often regarded as challenging during Saturn Mahadasha. Ketu’s influence can bring about feelings of introversion, detachment, and loss, especially after the initial ease provided by Mercury’s phase.

Is Saturn Mahadasha a bad period?

Saturn Mahadasha is not inherently bad, but it is known for its challenging nature. It combines periods of achievement with struggle, demanding resilience and patience. While it can bring obstacles and tests, it also offers opportunities for growth, discipline, and maturity.

What happens after the end of Saturn Mahadasha?

After the conclusion of Saturn Mahadasha, the next planetary Mahadasha begins according to the individual’s horoscope. The transition to the next Mahadasha marks a shift in planetary influence and can bring about different experiences and challenges tailored to the characteristics of the succeeding planet.

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