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Venus Sextile Pluto: Love Reinvented

What is Sextile in astrology?

A sextile is a term used in astrology that describes a specific angle between two planets in the sky from our point of view on Earth. When two planets are sextile, they are 60 degrees apart. Imagine the whole sky around Earth as a big circle that is 360 degrees. When planets are 60 degrees apart, it’s like they are two points on this circle that have a sixth of the circle between them.

What is Venus Sextile Pluto Synastry?

Imagine two planets in space, Venus and Pluto. Venus is all about love, beauty, and getting along with others. Pluto is about big changes, deep feelings, and power. When they are in a special angle called a sextile, which is a good angle, they work together well. This angle can make two people feel a very strong pull towards each other, like a magnetic attraction. This is called Venus sextile Pluto synastry.

Why Do People Care About This?

People are interested in Venus sextile Pluto synastry because it can show a very strong and deep connection between two people. It’s like the love you see in movies – intense and powerful. This connection can make people change in good ways, bringing them closer together.

What Does This Do to a Relationship?

This kind of connection can make two people feel very attracted to each other. They might feel like they understand each other very well, even without saying much. It’s like they can read each other’s minds and hearts. This can make their relationship very strong and deep.

How Can You Understand Each Other Better?

To really make the most of this connection, talking and listening are key. Even if the attraction is strong, it’s important to really hear what the other person is saying. This helps avoid misunderstandings and builds a stronger, happier relationship.

What to Do if Things Get Tough?

Even the strongest relationships can face challenges. With such a deep connection, big emotions can come up. Here’s what you can do:

  • Talk about it: If you’re feeling something, share it with your partner. Keeping it inside won’t help.
  • Listen: Really listen when your partner talks. It shows you care about their feelings.
  • Give each other space: It’s okay to do things on your own too. It keeps the relationship healthy.
  • Solve problems together: If there’s an issue, work on it together. Blaming each other won’t solve anything.

To Wrap Up

Venus sextile Pluto synastry is like a super connection between two people. It’s full of love, understanding, and changes for the better. But like any strong force, it needs careful handling. Talking, listening, and respecting each other are the keys to making it work beautifully.

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