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Exploring Astrological Insights into the Complex Phenomenon of Suicide From horoscope

In today’s world, we commonly hear about the increasing rate of Suicides. People who are quite popular even having wealth, name & fame are committing suicide. This surprises everyone. Suicidal tendency comes after extreme anxiety & depression if these two don’t get cured before time.

In Astrology, Saturn is the main planet of depression, various phobias & seriousness. 

Rahu is an illusion and represents an expansion of anything and an increase in expectations.

Moon is the planet of your thought process & your ability to express your thoughts. Also, Moon is the natural significator of your age.

Mercury is the planet of decisions, your ability to take a decision (whether you take decisions practically or emotionally) and It depends on Mercury’s placement in the horoscope chart.

Your ascendant lord is the one who represents your age, your health, your mental condition & your overall personality.

So, all factors which are mentioned above decide whether a person is going to commit suicide or not.

Planets responsible for suicide

Moon is afflicted by Saturn/Rahu or aspected by malefic planets or placed in very bad condition like 8th house in enemy sign. As Moon is the main planet, If it is placed badly, then anyone can think to commit suicide. The combination of Moon & Saturn is Vish Yoga and Moon & Rahu is Grahan Yoga. Vish yoga makes your thoughts fearful & negative. Grahan yoga makes your thoughts very emotional & illusive.

If above combination relates to the 8th house (Because the 8th house is the house of longevity) or Your 1st house (Because the 1st house is the house of health) or 12th house ( As the 12th house is the house of loss), then chances of committing suicide will be more. But this attempt of Suicide will be successful, this only depends on the condition of the ascendant lord and 8th house lord, If both are placed strong or good in the chart. Otherwise, it would be unsuccessful.

As the ascendant lord is strong, it can save you from death and hurdles.

If the 8th house is strong or aspected by Jupiter, so again it would be unsuccessful.

Generally, Mercury gives an extrovert nature and loves to travel along with group of friends. But when Mercury is weak or chooses an enemy sign especially Pisces & Scorpio, then Mercury gives you an introvert nature & becomes secretive and behaves like Moon. As a result, you will take decisions emotionally rather than intellectually. Mercury helps Moon to take the decision of committing Suicide.

Horoscope chart of people committing suicide

Now, the Main dasha you will ever see in a person chart who has committed suicide as follows-

•          Rahu mahadasha and Saturn anterdasha or Saturn mahadasha and Rahu anterdasha.

•          Moon mahadasha and Saturn anterdasha or Saturn mahadasha and Moon anterdasha.

•          Moon mahadasha and Rahu anterdasha or Rahu mahadasha and Moon anterdasha.

•          Mercury Moon dasha or Moon Mercury dasha.

•          Mercury Saturn dasha.

•          Ketu Saturn dasha or Saturn Ketu dasha.

•          Mercury Rahu dasha.

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