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The Mars mahadasha comes after Moon Dasha for 7 years and this changes a person who became lazy and emotionally sensitive to become active, takes care of his health & fitness, and becomes emotionally strong. These all changes can be seen when Dasha changes from Moon to Mars.

So depending upon the placement of Mars in the horoscope decides how your Mars mahadasha is going to work for the upcoming 7 years. Mars represents more energy. It is a male planet, represents your brother, your stamina, activeness, boldness, courage, fieldwork, exercises, fitness, your sexual urge, passion, blood, red color, anger, a male partner to the female chart, construction & property, your energy, police, army, wrestle, administrative jobs, etc. It rules two sign which is Aries, and other one is Scorpio.

Factors effected by Mars Mahadasha

If Mars is placed in a favorable position in the chart, then   

  • You will be blessed by property or houses or land etc. You can also do renovation in your old home and make it completely new. This happens as Mars represents construction or land. These things will happen in Mars-Mars, Mars-Saturn & Mars-Venus dasha.
  • You will get help or support from your brother or you will start a new business along with your brother. In this way, your relationship with your brother will become better.
  • You will start working on your fitness and health aspects. You will become more young, active & energetic.
  • You can go for administrative services, army or business related to real state or fitness consultant in Mars mahadasha.

If Mars is placed in an unfavorable position, then 

  • You will face hurdles in getting a property.
  • Your relationship with your brother will get disturbed.
  • You will feel weak & dull most of the time. 
  • You may face issues related to blood like high or low blood pressure, blood cancer, or blood infection, etc.
  • You might face an accident on Mars, especially Mars-Rahu dasha.

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