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Rahu Mahadasha comes after Mars mahadasha, which is a very hard-working and practical dasha. It will last for 18 years. Rahu’s placement in the chart will decide how Rahu mahadasha will work.

Rahu is a shadow planet, which means Rahu doesn’t have its own sign and house, it will give you effect according to that planet whose sign, it is placed in the horoscope. It is an imaginary planet, that creates more illusions in life. Rahu denotes head, while Ketu denotes rest lower body.

Rahu is unending desire. The expansion of anything especially its nature depends on the sign where Rahu is sitting creates an expansion of that sign.

Rahu is drama, politics, a natural malefic and devil planet, having a strong imagination power, intuition, and sixth sense power. Rahu doesn’t like plans because Rahu loves surprises and sudden events.

Factors effected by Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu loves social life, showing off, luxury, desires, out of box things. Rahu also loves to be in Mercury, Venus, and Saturn sign. Because then Rahu gets its desires fulfilled, they act like friends of Rahu.

If Rahu is placed in a favorable position in the chart, then

  • Rahu can make you Zero to Hero, rags to riches. Rahu loves fame and wants to get highlighted, a center of attraction for all. So, you will live a lavish life for 18 years.
  • Natives get blessed with huge & sudden wealth, a sudden great opportunity to succeed in careers. It can also perform well in the stock market & lottery system.
  • Your love life would be smooth, so you will enjoy your love life along with luxury as Rahu loves to show off and travels.

If Rahu is placed in an unfavorable position in the chart, then

  • Rahu takes everything from you and brings you down from riches to rags.
  • You will be cheated by social life/friends/close ones.
  • You can lose your post or Job suddenly or lose money in hospitals and get negative thoughts all the time.
  • This will give you a weird illusion, that nobody can understand. Rahu makes you believe in black magic and unexpected events.
  • Rahu will make you spend a lot of money on useless things like alcohol, girls, and drugs or you can lose money in the stock market, gambling, or lottery.
  • Rahu can defame you in its Dasha, where your family becomes against you and you will be blamed for so many arbitrary things.

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