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The Moon mahadasha period comes for 10 years, so the position of the Moon in the horoscope chart will decide how the moon is going to perform or what effect it will give on the native.

Moon decides your sign in Vedic astrology. It is considered a very important planet because it will decide your nakshatra, sign, and of course your main starting mahadasha.

So, whenever we see a chart, the two most important thing, we focus on starting is the Moon sign & Ascendant sign. Because both sign decides your nature, your behavior, your overall personality & your mindset.

Effects of Moon Mahadasha

In Vedic astrology, Moon is your mother, and your emotions as well. Moon represents liquid things like oil, milk, food, the women womb, and your fertility as the moon is a motherly planet and female planet.

Moon is the lord of the Cancer sign, which is a water sign, water keeps flowing & never sticks to one point or place, that’s how Moon shows your mood swings, moon is a very sensitive & innocent planet, gets manipulated easily, moon loves to remain with family with its family love & affection. This is the reason Moon gets exalted in the taurus sign. 

If Moon is placed at a good position in your chart, then-

 1) Your relationship with your mother will be good & her health will be good. If you are a girl, then you won’t get any issues related to progeny or fertility, you will be blessed in moon dasha.

 2) Moon represents your mindset, you will have the stable mindset, and you will be an emotionally stable person. The atmosphere around you will be peaceful and you will also feel very peaceful in this dasha.

 3) In Moon Dasha, Your financial condition will improve, and automatically your moon will attract money, you can start your business related to liquid things, or a business related to or nearby sea area, or food & women-related things like beauty products, etc.

If Moon is placed at a bad position in your chart, then-

1) You might face an issue with your mother or the health of your mother will hamper.

2) You will become a daydreamer or lazy and emotionally unstable person in its Dasha and get affected or hurt by small things.

3) You might face issues related to fertility or progeny.

4) One may face lots of mood swings and you can also get a phobia related to water, which is hydrophobia. This creates fear of going near to sea area and stops taking bath for many days.

5) You will get manipulated easily by others in this dasha.

Moon-Rahu & Moon-Saturn, these two Dasha is very hard to pass, if the moon is badly placed.

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