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The Sun mahadasha period comes for 6 years, so the position of the sun in the chart will decide how the sun is going to perform and what kind of effects it will give in these 6 years.

Sun is the main planet in the horoscope, as this is the source of energy, which represents the main source of power in the horoscope, that’s why it represents 

1) Father, head of the family, source of income in the family.

2) Government or authority

3) Sun is self-respect. It represents the king & ego.

4) It also represents high temperature, aggression, anger, energy, soul, domination, boss, etc.

Effects of Sun Mahadasha

So automatically in Sun Dasha these above-mentioned traits/qualities will be seen in the person, whose sun Dasha has been started. The native will become stubborn, and bossy, nature will develop aggression and self-respect can be seen.

Sun always tries to do something in their career, so the native can also try for business where he can become boss, or try for a high authority government job. Because Sun is a king and gets higher name & fame in society. Sun can give the native a higher post or promotion in Sun Dasha where he can fill like a boss.

If Sun is placed nicely or gets a favorable position in a horoscope, then

1) Sun can give you a government/ authority job in its dasha. Sun can make you start your own business in your career, so that other people may start working under you.

2) Sun can give you a high profit from your father or your father will give you a good reputation or position in his business or wealth. It may also happen that your father can help you in starting your own business.

If Sun is badly placed in the horoscope, then

1) You can lose your reputation in your career or in society.

2) Your business will not work nicely, you might have to quit your business or you might have to work under someone like a 9 to 5 job.

3) You might face issues in getting any government or high authority job.

4) Your relationship with your father will not run smoothly or your father’s health will degrade, and the family business will undergo a great loss or may shut down. It may also happen that your father will lost his job or business or something very precious.

The Anter Dasha which can create hurdles for you is Sun-Sun, Sun-Rahu, Sun-Saturn, and Sun-Venus.

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