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Jupiter mahadasha comes after Rahu mahadasha (which creates an illusion, expenditure, and out of social things) for 16 years, . Placement in the horoscope chart will decide how Jupiter is going to work for 16 years.

Jupiter is a spiritual or religious planet, and have a saving, peaceful nature, believes in realistic & natural things, and teaches you a good lesson. Jupiter is a teacher, your spiritual guide, your knowledge & education, your family or husband in the female chart, a very optimistic planet, and always ready for philanthropic activities to help others.

Effects of Jupiter Mahadasha

The nature you have built in Rahu, to spend money on useless things, getting addicted to certain things, don’t want to settle in family life, will fully change in Jupiter mahadasha.

Favorable positions

1) Jupiter will bless you with good money in your bank account, which you will use for good things.

2) Your belief system will change, and you will come to real life where your love for spirituality will increase, and will get peace & satisfaction in life.

3) You will get support from your family.

4) Career wise you can get a good position or can get a government job in the teaching or finance field.

5) You will be blessed with family life, can make a big home for the whole family, and be blessed with children during its Dasha.

6) You can get rewards in the field of education.

Unfavorable positions

1) If Jupiter is placed in an unfavorable position, then family life gets disturbed, you can live separately from your family and your relationship with your spouse may suffer.

2) The weight will increase badly, your cholesterol level can increase, and you may face issues in digestion, liver, and gives you gastric issues.

3) Your education/studies will suffer. You will face financial issues and will have less interest in Spiritual matters.

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