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Saturn mahadasha comes after Jupiter (where Jupiter remains peaceful, positive, not ambitious, and satisfied) for 19 years. Saturn’s position in the chart will decide how it is going to affect.

Saturn is an old planet, has old energy, is very serious, and is dedicated to its work. Saturn is the son of the Sun, a King, both don’t have a good relationship. Saturn is a laborer and does hard work, very ambitious towards their work, career lord, very responsible and takes responsibilities very easily, has low energy level, but thinks about good name & fame in society. This planet has boundaries and restrictions in mind.

It is the planet of justice and represents police, advocate, judge, court, etc.

It represents iron, coffee, tea, leather shoes, etc.

Effects of Saturn Mahadasha

Saturn is evidence, so it represents a camera, or phone by which you can record proof, also represents production houses, vehicles, properties & construction, black color, etc.

Favorable position

1) Saturn in its Dasha will you give you a career opportunity and you will have a stable career.

2) Saturn will bless you with a good name & fame in society. You will achieve a higher position in Saturn mahadasha. It can also give you a big position in the political field.

3) Saturn will bless you with a baby girl in its dasha.

4) This dasha will also bless you with a home, stable family, and career, starting from labor work and getting a king position like his father Sun.

Unfavorable position

1) Career-wise you will suffer. Saturn will give many hurdles in career.

2) It can lead to legal disputes and it is the lord of court, advocate & justice.

3) You will face difficulties in buying properties and may face property disputes.

4) Saturn is a male planet but has impotency, can give you issues related to bed pleasures, and may face issues in progeny & fertility.

5) Saturn has a restriction, which causes unwanted things, and stress and can lead to depression, phobias, and not getting respect among in-laws and family members.

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