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Mercury mahadasha comes after Saturn mahadasha (which gives maturity, responsibility, restriction, job & old energy) for the next 17 years. Mercury’s position in the chart will decide how Mercury is going to act.

Mercury has a dual personality. This personality has childish nature and business-minded nature. Two nature resides in a person.

Mercury is a communication, creative, student, business person, laughing person, a bird who is totally free, an explorer who loves to explore new things all the time, and a fresh new energy. Mercury is a finance sector, an accountant, a mathematician, a joker, a musician, a magician, a logical & very practical analyst, a great actor, who changes character frequently whenever needed, a prince in all Vedic astrology, a very small planet, a transgender and a friend.

Effects of Mercury Mahadasha

Favorable position

1) Mercury will bestow you with a new business setup.

2) You will learn new ideas and new aspects of finance. Your bank account balance will increase.

3) Free energy will make you learn new things related to finance like the stock market and you will do good in it.

4) You can get properties and involve in beneficial investments in this dasha.

5) You can profit through friends and sisters.

6) Communication will improve, you will love to socialize and will have many contacts in your list, bet recognition in media and get profit through it.

7) You will learn many languages & skills.

8) You will be blessed with a baby girl in its favorable Dasha.

Unfavorable position

1) You will have issues related to teeth, skin, nose, nervous system & thyroid.

2) Your relationship with sisters & friends will suffer.

3) Your business will not run smoothly and may face difficulties.

4) You can face fraud & scams and financial & bank related issues.

5) Your social life will get disturbed and finds communication difficulties. There are chances for you to become an introvert.

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